Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey everyone! sorry I haven't posted in like a month! I have been a little busy and am trying not to get on the computer that much! Anyways this past week has been cccccaaarazzzzy i tellll yaaa. last weekend i went camping with some friends and that was a lot of fun some what sometimes were boring. I think i like camping the BEST with my moms collage roomates because they have kids our ages and we have funny people and its true true camping! (: and there's not a lot of people there camping with us. soo last Friday my aunt Cheryl was having a 10 hour brain surgery, and she came out good started talking to her family and was doing great. in the middle of that night she started having blod clots, one wrapped around her leg one wrapped around her heart. this was after the surgery, she passed away, saturday at 2:03 pm. The doctor was saying.. out of the 17 years he's worked there that situation has only happened once, the 10 hour brain surgery and then the blood clot in the heart and leg, he said it was very rare. Cheryl you were special in my life I love you and I will miss you everyday to this day. God will be with you at all times! Soo that was that. soo then that monday we went traveled to alabama and got there and just hung out and had lots of food and my cousin danielle spent the night, which i must say was a blast.. best sleepover i had in a LONG time, then tuesday was her funeral very good funeral-- the layout! and wednesday we had breakfast and then saw ron at his shop and then got on the road! I just want to say Ron that Cheryl made an awesome impact on your life you made an impact on our lives too. You ARE the family! soo it def. has been a crazy week! i just got to say i love kentucky, tennesse, and alabama. (: awesome. beautiful statess.

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