Wednesday, June 2, 2010

memorial day weekend!

Hey all! On memorial day weekend,(which was like a couple days ago, ha) I went CAMPING! and did i ever tell you guys, camping is the awesomest thing i have ever done!! I have camped a LOT with soo many different people, but the people who i have always had the best time with lots of laughs is my bfffs for LIFE! My mom, dad, brother, Camille, Max, Lisa, Jon, Barb, Doug, Kyle, and Ryan! They are all the best people in the world, who I could not live without, i love them like with all my heart!! and I think we are going camping together again sometime this summer at MICHIGAN ADVENTURES!! that is going to be the best! I can't wait for that, in fact all of us are more like brother, sisters, and aunts and uncles haha no joke! In fact, we all call like Barb or Lisa, are aunt, we've just been through soo much together, and thats what we do! but i wish we lived a lil closer! I live like 2 hours from them :( soo i bearly see them only camping, which is the best thing, i say y'all who have NEVER camped you NEED to try it, like seriously! yeaah. soo I will talk a lil bit more on what we did on camping. Soo friday is when we left and we got there and we really didn't do much that day we just kinda chilled and talked. Saturday my friend Camille couldn't come till late saturday like at 7, soo, she's the one i hang out with most! but i still had fun, and i was at the beach that day hanging out with the boys and moms! ha. Then Sunday was a really fun day, I was at the Beach ALL day, not even kidding youu! We got there at like 12 we left at like 3 just to get some lunch and take a lil break, and then me and Cam went back haha. Ohh thats the day we met that legit girl!! She was AWESOME! ha, at first we thought she was kinda boring, and then she made me and Camille laugh SOOO HARD! ha. I can't tell you why she made us laugh, not appropriate, ehhh. haha it was pretty funny though, ohh and that night mr. Max(he's my age) he's like my brother, i love him soo much, he made us laugh i bet i lost like 20 pounds, he's sooo funny, i love that kid!!! Then monday came and it was icky and rainy soo we pretty muched packed up, and left, and then i was home, and that was my memorial day weekend!! :)
I found a new tv show that i think i LOVE well its a disney one haha but its just SOO funny, i like it a lot! Its called good lucky charlie, its really funny!! One more thing i could say.. I just found out some pretty good news! Umm, thats pretty much it! :) :) right now, i'm almost done with school, and im sooooooo happy! ha byeeeeee!

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